Document imaging and Shredding

A medical practice is all about treating patients with respect and giving them the best services you can provide. Greeting them well, looking after them with care, helping them overcome their health-issues, and handling their insurance and billing processes smoothly makes for happy clients and thus a successful practice. However, the work of a medical practice does not end here. One of the key operational processes that a successful medical practice needs to take into account is the confidentiality clause of patients, which includes dealing with their case history, handling their test reports and results, and finally all details with regards to their insurance, billing, and payments cycle.

In this day and age, when handling the operational and administrative processes of a medical practice are handled by skilled and experienced consultants, most medical practice look towards organizations that provide these services. Akshar Health Care is among the leading names in the medical practices industry, which provides all these additional operational services including dealing with patient confidentiality documents.

It is very important to note that according to the legal rules and regulations, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, maintenance, destruction, and disposal of patient health and medical records need to be conducted very carefully. The experienced and skilled experts at Akshar Health Care are all well-versed in all the various legal implications when it comes to document imaging and shredding, and medical practices can rest assured that they will always remain compliant to all rules.

Document imaging means conversion of all paperwork into digital documents, which can then be stored in a safe manner without worry of any data loss. Akshar Health Care can help medical practices to convert all their medical patient records, including case histories and other patient health-related documents into electronic medical records with the best document imaging software available. With their state of the art technology and their thoroughly capable production team, they can scan and convert millions of pages of medical charts and patient records within days.

So what happens when the existing paperwork has been converted into electronic records? According to doctor-patient confidentiality clauses it is very important that all patient records are destroyed as soon as they are electronically transmitted. However, it is never a good idea to just toss patient records into the trash bin – you never know who gets hold of what. Document shredding is the safest and surest way of getting rid of all paperwork that needs to be disposed of without any fear of data theft and/or leakage.

What is also important to note, is that according to HIPAA medical practices are not only required to discard and dispose of patient records, but also have to provide proof that they have done so. Akshar Health Care can take care of this for you, by helping you in carefully and methodically shredding all patient papers, and then providing you with a valid certification that you can then safely use with all government regulation agencies as proof of compliance with rules regarding document imaging and shredding.