Front Office

We can handle the front desk duties from our office using the technology. We can handle scheduling patient appointments, performs verification of benefits, take prior authorizations, give appointment reminder calls to patients. We ensure that your provider/patient relationships are never compromised. We use our techniques to provide positive community relations for our clients.

Conjecture 1 : A medical practice can be successful if it can cater to its patients’ needs and keep them happy.

Conjecture 2 : A medical practice can be profitable if its operational methods and management policies are up-to-date.

Fact 1 : None of the above is true, when considered individually.

Fact 2 : The key to a successful and profitable medical practice is a combination of providing patients with the best services while at the same time managing the operational processes smoothly. And, this combination can be achieved if one has an efficient front office.

As they say, the first impression is almost always the most important impression. It is, therefore, very important that the front office of a medical practice makes an awesome first impression on its patients. A cheerful smile and a personal welcome greeting, swift and efficient services, and individual attention are key to making a patient feel special and valued. By offering the patient special care and ensuring that their needs are met makes for good word-of-mouth publicity for a medical practice, which in turns speaks in the form of expanding footfall, increased revenues, and thereby higher profits.

Akshar Health Care is among the leading service providers who offer competent and skilled front office services and staff to medical practices across the country. With their thorough knowledge of the business and its experienced consultants, Akshar Health Care ensures that all tasks and processes are well streamlined, and operations are handled smoothly.

we do not go to physician’s office to treat patient.

Once the patient queries are answered, the state-of-art technology used by Akshar Health Care services ensures that the front office processes such as filling up of forms, registrations, documenting patient medical histories, obtaining patients’ insurance information, processing the reimbursement and billing cycles are all handled efficiently and without any errors.

The care of a patient and the services of the front office operations don’t end with that one time. Following up appointments, handling check-ins, scheduling of tests and visits, communicating lab results, managing prescription refills, following up insurance pay-offs, and last but not the least handling all back-end processes are all a part and parcel of the front office operations that form the basis of a good medical practice.

Akshar Health Care is not only equipped with the latest technology and software to ensure smooth running of processes, but also employs highly trained staff who are well-versed in treating patients with reverence and care. They understand that the pulse of the medical practice is the front office, and ensure that it is handled with special care. If you are looking for someone to handle your front office operations and help you in managing the daily workload, leaving you to focus on the medical practice and patient care, then Akshar Health Care is the solution you are looking for!