Practice Start-ups

The medical practice is one of the most lucrative businesses in this time and age. On the one hand, it offers great service to the public by bringing them medical help as and when they require it, while at the same time flourishing by offering these very services. In fact, such is the demand for medical practices that there are a number of medical practice start-ups that are springing up all across the globe. Physicians, however, often forget that setting up a medical practice start-up is not a simple task, and that there are a hundred small things that need to be taken into account before the business is established and before it can start making some profits.

Akshar Health Care, with its years of experience in the medical field, can help all medical practice start-ups to launch a successful business with their expertise and professional guidance. We offer low-cost yet effective plans for you to set up a medical start-up, and thereby enhance your standing in the community. The first step towards a successful medical practice set-up is to have an intensive round of discussions and come up with an exclusive business plan. This plan will include decisions regarding staffing and hiring; billing and collections; general ledger/accounting; marketing and branding strategies; advertising plans and so on.

Akshar Health Care utilizes the best practices developed by its expert consultants who have ample hands-on experience in medical practice management, to ensure that you have the best minds backing your business. The main steps that we, at Akshar Health Care undertake to ensure that you can smoothly set up your medical practice start-up includes: incorporating and registering the new practice; formulating a business plan and setting up the budgets; undertaking a comprehensive competitive analysis; providing the best liability insurance selection; creating a useful employee handbook & policy; customizing a logo design with the necessary trademark registration; creating and customizing a website; setting up email administration; enabling search engine optimization and online marketing methods including social media presence; customizing a patient registration portal integrated to the website that has been created; initiating a patient payment system; introducing training in HIPAA, MSDS, and OSHA compliance; enrolling in contracting services; registering with Medicare and Medicaid; ensuring billing systems, insurance claims, and payments methods; managing revenue cycles and other additional services; assisting in selection of practice management software; analyzing and negotiating with the top TCP Codes; managing the workspace to ensure transparency; setting up employee management systems for tracking; ensuring compliance with HIPAA; and so on.

Keeping in mind an optimal time-frame, and offering a package that is tailor-made to suit the needs and preferences of your medical practice start-up, Akshar Health Care can help you in setting a strong foundation. If your aim is to set up a successful and trusted medical practice start-up, it is important that you focus on what you do best – patient care. Leave the peripherals and back-end hassles of setting up and running the medical practice start-up to the experts – Akshar Health Care!