Akshar Health Care offers medical billing, practice management and consulting services for medical practice and facilities. No matter which medical specialty is, Akshar Health Care has ability to increase the profitability and productivity of the practice and/or facility. We expertise in handling insurance rejections and overturn the denials. We take over your administrative burden on our shoulders and allow you to provide quality services to your patients. Akshar Health Care believes in Quality of services and not the Quantity.

Akshar Health Care specializes in practice management tools for family, pediatric, and all specialized medicine practices and facilities, focusing on the needs of practice and catering to their requirements efficiently and in a cost-effective manner. We have well qualified staff employed to provide efficient and quality services to our clients.

Our Services

Akshar Health Care is truly a one-stop-shop-solution for medical practices, offering a diverse range of services to guarantee that client needs are met and the practice also flourishes simultaneously. Some of the services that Akshar Health Care provides its clients include:

Practice Management
Consulting and Analysis
Practice Start-ups
Insurance Contracting
Front Office
Document imaging

Akshar Health Care utilizes the best practices developed by its expert consultants who have ample hands-on experience in medical practice management. Decisions regarding staffing and hiring; billing and collections; general ledger/accounting; marketing and branding strategies; advertising plans and so on are all handled by the best brains in the business, who are all a part of Akshar Health Care services.

Our Team

Our skilled and qualified doctors are dedicated to caring for all our valued patients and imparting the best possible standard of service. We understand the varied requirements of the many patients visiting our clinics and endeavor to cater to their individual healthcare expectations.

Our very expert support staff and administrative consultants are always on hand to provide quality services to our clients. Our staff will ensure that the complete process of medical billing and practice management, right from booking appointments to finally settling of bills is accomplished smoothly and without any major hiccups.

Latest in Health Care

Akshar Health Care always stays up to date on all the various Medicare, Medicaid and all payer news, and is always aware of all the regulatory changes being made. It is very important that medical practices are in the know when regulatory changes are being made, so that they can adapt themselves and be always compliant. Also, it is a necessity in this day and age of technological advancement that all medical practices start innovating and/or adapting themselves by getting themselves acquainted with the latest technology and software available.

Akshar Health Care, with its experienced and renowned staff, is among the few medical billing services who can adapt themselves as and when necessary to move forward with the times. They can change along with the age and make sure that all client needs are met with the latest technology available. If one thing hasn't changed at Akshar Health Care, it is their focus – which has always been the client. Even now, for Akshar, the client is the end word and keeping them satisfied is what keeps the medical practice running.